How To Order Custom Tack

How to Order Your Custom Tack

When it comes to customizing your tack, we believe the process should be as straightforward and enjoyable as possible. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to order your custom tack from us:

1. Request Forms:

Next, fill out our custom tack request form available on our website. The form is designed to capture all the necessary information about your desired custom tack. Make sure to fill out all the required fields, and don't hesitate to use the 'Additional Information' section to explain any special requests or details.

Request Form Here

2. Mockups:

Once we receive your form, our team of experienced designers will create a mockup of your custom tack. This digital visualization gives you a chance to see what your custom piece will look like before it's made. You'll receive this mockup via email within a few business days after submitting your request form.

3. Review & Approval:

Review the mockup carefully. If it meets your expectations and you're happy with the design, confirm your order by replying to the email. If you would like any changes, let us know in your response. We're more than willing to adjust the design until you're completely satisfied.

4. Filling the Order:

Once you've approved the design, we'll start the crafting process. Our skilled craftsmen will carefully create your custom tack according to the agreed-upon design and specifications. Once finished, we'll perform a rigorous quality check to ensure your order meets our high standards.

5. Delivery:

After passing the quality check, your custom tack will be carefully packed and shipped to the address provided in your request form. We'll send you a tracking number so you can follow its journey to your doorstep.

We can't wait to help you bring your dream tack to life. Start the process today by filling out our custom tack request form!