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Elevate your horse's style with our expertly handcrafted halter, made from premium English bridle leather. Its triple-stitched design ensures lasting performance, while the adjustable fit offers ultimate comfort.

The Original Clarino Breezer

Accept no imitations or substitutes — experience years of refinement and product design.


Our tack is trusted by the most elite horse trainers in the world.
Don't believe us? Just ask the winners of the Kentucky Derby.


We've established the gold standard in personalized thoroughbred equipment. Catering to trainers at every level, from beginners to top-tier professionals, our commitment to excellence and attention to detail ensures the perfect blend of quality and style for all.

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We not only have the best custom tack on the market but if you were looking for something that could be shipped out today - look no further. We keep a plentiful amount of standardized tack on hand at all times.

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